Who's Who

Executive Headteacher

Head of School

Mrs B. Schouller

Miss J. Kelly

Lead Practitioners

Mrs G. Comerford

Lead Practitioners

Mrs L. Cain

Inclusion Leader

Mrs N. O'Brien

Lay Chaplain

Mrs S. Biddlecombe

Early Years Leader and
Assessment Leader

Early Years Team

Miss A. Hudson


 Miss C Offin

Mrs A Zammit - HLTA
Mrs L Copple  -TA
Mrs L Watson - TA (a.m.) Mrs L Emorkhpor (p.m.)

Mrs K. Hornik - TA
Miss E. Hawthorn - TA

Year 1 and 2 Leader and
English Leader

Year 1 and 2 Team

Mrs L Cain

Mrs G Comerford 

Mrs A. Knight

Mrs C. Packer

Mrs V Sibanda - TA

Mrs M Boulton - TA

Mrs A Smith TA

Year 3 and 4 Leader and 
Maths Leader

 Year 3 and 4 Team



Mrs G Comerford

Miss R Henshall

Mrs S Fletcher

Mrs K. Bennett
Mrs P. Blowes


Mrs L Willmett - TA (a.m.)

Mrs U Friend - TA (p.m.)


Mrs P. Barker - TA
Mrs. L Emorhokpor - TA (a.m.)

Mrs E Devine - HLTA
Mrs L Watson - TA (p.m.)
Miss F Baker - apprentice

Year 5 and 6 Leader and
Science/Curriculum Leader

Year 5 and 6 Team


Mrs S. Greenhalgh


Miss F. Wright


Mr L Bailey

 Mrs S Capstick - HLTA (Mon and Tues)


Mrs T. Timmons (a.m. only)
Mrs S Harris (p.m. only)
Mrs R Sayin (a.m. only)

Mrs S Capstick - HLTA (Wed-Fri a.m. only)
Mrs L O'Doherty - ICT Manager (Mon-Tues a.m. only)

Business Manager

Assistant Finance Manager

Administrative Manager  and
Parent/Public Contact

Admin AssistantAss


Family Support Worker / ELSA Support / Extended Schools

Fischer Family Trust

Reading Achievement Specialist

Speech and Language (SALT)


Mrs J. Haywood

Mrs S. Darmanin

Mrs L. Penney


Mrs K. Wilson and Mrs Z. Loftus

Mrs S. Capstick

Mrs C. Tye

Mrs P. Barker

Mrs S. Cockram

Mrs J. Edmonds

Mrs L. O'Doherty

Site Manager


Site Team

Mr G. Capstick


Mrs J. Franks

Mrs E. Allen

Mrs S. Allpress

Mid-Day Supervisors

N. Hooley

S. Allpress

U. Friend

S. Harris

T. Elsom

C. Potter

M. Barry

A. Rogers

S. Justice

M. Boulton

L Watson

A. Smith

K. Hornik

V. Sibanda

L. Willmett

M. Pink