Early Years

We have been lucky enough to have been given eight eggs  and watched them hatch into beautiful chicks. We are looking after them, and its really fun to learn about them.
We have had a very busy first half term at school. We have loved exploring our outdoor role play area - The Car Wash. Using large equipment to clean our bikes and scooters has really helped us improve our gross motor control. We will be using this to help improve our pencil control after half term.
We have really enjoyed using our snack bar each afternoon. We practise our cutting, spreading and chopping skills to make sandwiches. We try new food and vegetables - some of which have become firm favourites and we especially like using tweezers to pick up cereal.
As part of Outdoor Learning Day we used cardboard boxes to build houses. We had great fun working as a team designing and building our masterpieces. Afterwards we enjoyed exploring each of the properties, especially climbing in and out of the doors. It was a great way to learn about capacity.
Our parents have had huge smiles on their faces as they look at our family portraits. We drew each member of our family and told our teachers something
special about them. The comments given have been amazing. We really have a wonderful insight into what happenes at home. We promise to take everything said with a pinch of salt!!