Year R Nativity December 2017

KS2 Nativity December 2017

PSCB Safeguarding Week December 2017

As part of this year's Safeguarding Week, the Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board invited children from across Portsmouth to enter a poster competition.  They were asked to come up with a design that clearly showed what a healthy diet looks like.

There were lots of fantastic entries and, as a school, we had two winning entries.  These winning posters will be displayed in schools, GP surgeries and hospitals across Portsmouth.

Looking at our winning entries it is clear to see why.



KS2 Music Performance December 2017

To celebrate all the hard work that our KS2 pupils have been undertaking in music, they put on a fantastic performance for us all to enjoy.  From recorders to African drums, choral singing to singing in a round, it was amazing to see our pupils perform with such joy.



Harvest Mass October 2017

As always we would like to thank our parents for their generous donations of food for our Harvest Mass which has now been donated to the needy of the City



A huge thank you to all those who attended our MacMillan coffee morning (on Friday 22nd September) and gave so generously.  It's not too late to donate - simply text JAM XDK1 (our school's unique code) to 70550.  One text = £5