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Astronaut: Song - Backing - Lyrics

Coming Back to Earth: Song - Backing - Lyrics

Eclipse: Song - Backing - Lyrics

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Out the Milky Way: Song - Backing - Lyrics

Through the Black Hole: Song - Backing - Lyrics


Years 1 and 2

This is the start of the children' s musical learning, working on a variety of musical skills that will really provide the building blocks for an exciting musical journey all the way to year Six, these skills include learning musical vocabulary such as Pulse, Rhythm, Tempo and Dynamics, how to hold and play a variety of classroom percussion and sing with a strong clear tone with some understanding of expression in unison and as a round.  In the second half of the year we will start to create compositions that are linked with class topics. We will also look at starting to read basic notation as well as continuing to develop their ability to improvise in time with a steady pulse and with others playing different rhythms. 


Years 3 and 4 

In year three/four the children are introduced to the Recorder and throughout the year will learn a wide range of notes, how to play them and how to read them from notation. The children will take part in a wide range of activities over the year that will enhance their technical abilities on the recorder and gain an understanding of the commitment and enjoyment that comes with learning an Instrument. 

This exciting instalment of music is also accompanied by other learning objectives provided by the national curriculum. In the second half of the year the year three children will continue their skills on the recorder and some of the year four will continue the theme of learning a traditional solo musical instrument and introduce the Flute.

The children will work towards creating a clear sound and play with fluency from basic notation and playing from ear whilst continuing to follow key skills provided by the national curriculum in music. 

KS2 Music Performance December 2017



Years 5 and 6

In year five/six, we turn our attention to learning about world music and focusing in particular on sounds from the continent of Africa. 

The children will learn a class piece using the Djembe drums and on the way continue to develop a wide range of musical skills. 

We also look at different musical time zones, going back in history to learn about a variety of musical composers and what influence they have had on todays modern music. 

In the second half of the year the world music theme is continued and we explore the sounds of Samba. The children will learn about the history of Samba, what rhythmic patterns are used and the correct techniques and names for all the Samba instruments. 

This exciting final module of music for some of the children at Corpus Christi also includes further research on musical composers and even creating their own musical scores in lessons.