Year 1 & 2

Visit to Marwell

Our trop to Marwell Zoo in March was amazing.  We couldn't have asked for a better day.  The children adored the experience of seeing the animals up close, we had many over-excited children.  There was a real sense of awe and wonder throughout the whole day.  It has inspired our writing this week, the children have written a brochure for the Reception children persuading them to visit Marwell.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a big "Thank you" to all the parents who volunteered, it was much appreciated.

Frozen Worlds

The children have been learning which continents are cold by learning about the equator.  Then they did some outdoor learning and discovered what it was like to be explorers in the South Pole. They learnt to dance like Jack Frost and then created their own soundtrack for a film about Antarctica.


Great Fire of London

This term the children have been learning all about the Great Fire of London.  They all took part in a workshop where they participated in lots of different activities including learning to dance like flames and acting out the things which Samuel Pepys wrote about in his diaries.



In Year 2 we have been learning how to use coordinating conjunctions (but,and, or) in our writing.  We took our learning outside to find a partner who could pair both our main clauses together.  We then decided which conjunction was most appropriate.



In art we have been developing our art and design techniques.  We have looked closely at different dragon scales.  We rolled out our clay and cut it to the right size.  We used different tools to make imprints to add dragon scales.  We then painted our clay tile.



In Maths the Year 2 children have been exploring how to use the "whole-part-part" model.  In this lesson we were subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number.  The children were taught to place the 2 digit number in the "whole."  They then knew to subtract the 1 digit number into a "part." The remaining multilink in the "whole" meant they had found the missing "part."



In science we have been learning to identify a variety of animals that are carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.  The children have been exploring what different animals eat and have sorted the animals into the correct categories.


In geography we have been learning abouit the human and physical geographical features of a small area of the UK.  We took the opportunity to explore our local area and we visited Alexandra Park.  We found human and physical features such as trees, plants, buildings and motorways!