Year 5 & 6

Year 6 Leavers

We would all like to say a sad but very fond farewell to our lovely Year 6 who leave us this term but go on to secondary school and a big new adventure.  Good luck, we will miss you all!



Year 5/6 children have been using a vector graphics package to create computer generated landscapes.  All the pictures below have been created using a computer program and do not actually exist!  In the first image you can clearly see how an image of tessellated shapes has been smoothed and rendered to create the finished picture

Anglo-Saxon Day

The children in Years 5 and 6 were recently visited by an Anglo-Saxon - Hrothgar  The day began with a raid on the classroom and then the children were taken to his camp.  During the day the children learnt about various aspects of Saxon and Viking life: trading, the gods, life and death, gender roles, food and drink, runes and Viking games.  There was a mixture of show and tell, questions and answers and story-telling in which the children got to play the characters.


After learning about volcanoes, children located them using maps of the USA. Children then designed and made their own volcanoes using paper, plastic bottles and lots and lots of glue!  Once they were painted, children exploded them using baking powder, vinegar and food colouring.  It was very messy but great fun!


Getting Practical about Percentages

Children have been learning about percentages.  They used a variety of practical equipment (multilink, Numicon and strips of paper) to represent percentages in different ways.  For example, children had to show 20% in as many different ways as they could.


Ordering and Comparing Numbers

Children have been reading, writing , ordering and comparing numbers up to one million

Snow White in New York City

The children read the beginning of the story 'Snow White in New York City' and then came up with their own ending.  Some of them were very imaginative, why not read some?


On Monday 19th September the children in 5/6 visited Chichester Planetarium to support their science unit about the Earth in space.  In addition to an informative presentation in "the dome," the children took part in a short quiz and, of course, visited the gift shop!