This week's Golden Book entries are:

Anita (Yr 3 PB) For using rich vocabulary to describe a setting

Joe (Yr 4 PB) For using rich vocabulary in his writing creating a spooky atmosphere

 Millie (Yr 4 SF)  For using rich vocabulary to describe a setting and inslude how the character feels.

Albert (Yr 2 CP) For working independently to show o'clock and half past on a range of analogue clocks.

Elissa, Michal, Finley, Amen, Matilda and Teyona (Yr 3/4) - For representing our school, demonstrating outstanding behaviour  at the Mayor Making ceremony.

Francis (Yr 3 RH) - For working independently in science, interpreting information in a graph.


This week’s Good Shepherd Award was awarded to:

AH:   Hanna D

CO:  Dylan S

GC/LL:   Liliana G

CP:  Mia M

AK:  Leo P

SF:  Michal W

KB/PB: Amen B

RH:  Riley G

SG:  Mwimba M

LB:  Alfie E

FW: LinoP