This week's Golden Book entries are:

James (Yr 6 SG) For working really hard to improve his handwriting

Nancy(Yr 3 AM/GC) For working independently to solve a renge of maths problems

Fions, Leona and David (Yr 2 CP) for using addition and subtraction facts to solve problems

Zofia (Yr 2 LJ)  For a detailed  description of what happened to the toys in space.

Nicholas (Yr 2 LJ) For a great piece of writing that used conjunctions.  Well done!

Elizabeth (Ladybirds) For an amazing painting of a huge brown bear!


This week’s Good Shepherd Award was awarded to:

MT: Maria G

CO:  Erin B

LJ: Roxi-Rae

CP: Niamh H

AK:  Lewis G

SF: Angel D

KB/PB: Riley D

AM/GC:  Bailey O

SG: Kacper C

LB: OwenB

FW: Fiona R