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Able Writers' Day

On Monday 5th February, Mrs Cain was joined by Kit, Ingrid, Emily, Adrian, Amelia, Luke, Ethan J, Wiktoria, Melissa and Elsie at Copnor Primary School for a day learning from the established author, Matt Whyman. 

The children were invited to meet the author and spend the day developing their journalistic writing skills. After fine-tuning their interviewing questions and techniques, Matt supported the children in writing news articles, giving them top industry tips and placing them in the shoes of established journalists. A great day was shared by all, and we look forward to supporting more events like these in future.

Here is some of the work that the children produced:

At precisely 1 'o' clock - at Waffle Primary School - a boy was abducted by a silver disc.
Noah - a pupil at the Canadian school - went into the UFO. He had been dropped off early; his mum and dad had to go to work. The pupil told reporters that he - of his own choice- went into the UFO. "The UFO was filled with technical computer equipment and friendly, human-shaped aliens."
Mrs Dodo, the Head, was in her modern-looking office when a pupil informed of the disastrous event and she rushed to aid the children. This was when she noticed the missing boy.
Further information will be investigated.

-Melissa H

This afternoon at Waffle Primary School, a pupil was abducted.
Noah, the pupil, claims that a circular UFO came down onto the playground. He entered the unknown ship and went for a trip in space.
Witness Grace has reported that everyone was screaming and running towards the school building. Furthermore, she spotted Noah walking towards the UFO. The Chief of Police immediately dispatched several cars after receiving a call detailing the incident.
Noah was later found in the front office and police, and experts, are investigating these 'aliens' further. 

-Adrian C

Today a spaceship landed in the playground at Waffle Primary. Investigations show a boy has disappeared inside it.
Grace, a witness, was making daisy chains when a silver disc appeared with four massive legs. She said 'everyone freaked out and ran off, except Noah.' She said she hid behind a bin to see what was happening but she was very scared.
Chief Inspector Barbara was informed of the missing child at about 1pm and her troops identified 4 big scorch marks the size of a classroom. They have announced that the school is closed until investigations are finished.

-Amelia H

Anti Bullying Conference 30th January 2018

A group of Year 5-6 School Council members attended an anti-bullying conference at the Guildhall with Mrs Packer.  Lots of schools were there and the children learnt about how bullying can affect children's lives.  They shared anti-bullying practice and found out what other schools were doing.  They will feed back to other school council members