Attending school regularly is the best way for children to achieve their academic potential.

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School asks that parents:

  • Ensure your child arrives at school punctually (8.50am) every day during term time.
  • Contact school (02392 661818) to notify of any absence before 10am on the absent day.
  • Notify the school in writing if your child is to be collected by a different adult.

Ark Award Winners' Hall of Fame 2017-18 

9th July 2018  Mrs Fletcher's class (99.3%)

2nd July 2018 Mrs Knight's class (100%)

25th June 2018 Mrs Bennett and Mrs Blowes class (99.4%)

18th June 2018 Miss Henshall's class (100%)

11th June 2018 Mrs Greenhalgh's class (99.3%)

4th June 2018 Mrs Greenhalgh's class (99.1%)

21st May 2018 Miss Offin (97.8%)

14th May Mrs Cain and Mrs Comerford's class (100%)

7th May Mrs Fletcher's class (100%)

30th April Mrs Greenhalgh's class (98.3%)

23rd April Miss Offin's class (100%)

16th April Miss Hudson's class (100%)

26th March Mrs Knight's class (99%)

19th March Mrs Comerford and Miss Henshall's class (99.7%)

12th March Mrs Greenhalgh's class (99.1%)

5th March Mrs Jones and Miss Offin (100%)

25th Febreary Mr Bailey's Class (98.8%)

5th February Mrs Greenhalgh's Class (98.6%)

29th January Mrs Bennett and Mrs Blowes Class (99.4%)

23rd January Mrs. Knight's Class (100%)

16th January Mrs. Jones' Class (100%)

8th January Mrs. Knight's Class (98.5%)

18th December Mrs Bennett and Mrs Blowes (98.7%)

11th December Miss Offin's class (98.3%)

4th December 2017 Mrs Knight's class (98.8%)

27th November 2017 Mrs Greenhalgh's class (100%)

13th November 2017 Yr R CO and Yr 3/4 KB/PB (100%)

6th November 2017 Mrs Packer's class (100%)

30th October 2017 Miss Wright's class (100%)

16th October 2017 Miss Offin's class (99.1%)

9th October 2017 Miss Thorne's class (100%)

2nd October 2017 Miss Offin's class and Miss Wright's class (100%)

25th September 2017 Mrs. Packer's class (100%)

18th September 2017 Mrs Bennett and Miss Blowes

11th Septembr 2017 Miss Wright's Class 100%

4th September 2017 Mr Bailey's Class 100%


 Information on all attendance matters are detailed in our Attendance policy (please see ‘Policies’)