Kingswood trip

During the week commencing 29th October, children from Year 6 embarked on a trip to Kingswood Activity Centre and enjoyed the outdoors all the while strengthening friendships and learning new skills! For a full selection of all out photos, please visit our year 5/6 page.

All Saints' Mass

In Fr Claro's absence, our Mass was led by Fr Vittorio.  He asked the children questions about saints and was impressed by their knowledge!

 Harvest Mass

On 18th October our school attended Harvest Mass in church.  This year, instead of bringing tins and vegetables, the children came dressed in their brightest clothes and donated some money which will go to CAFOD.

First mass of the year

On Tuesday the 4th Septemeber 2018 we had our first Mass of the year. It was a very special event for us all.

Leavers' Mass

On Tuesday 24th July we held our Leavers' Mass.  This was a time for sadness and celebration as we said goodbye and wished them well for the future.  Awards were also given to children from each class.

Sports' Day

Monday 9th July was our Sprots' Day at the Mountbatten Centre.  There were lots of different events and the children were split into teams which included representatives from each year group.

Summer Fayre

On the 6th of July, we held our Summer Fayre. Many thanks to all those who donated, helped and spent money, we raised an amazing £1557.39. Most importantly the children had a great time.

Whole School Music Recording

On Friday 15th June the school was full of music as Mr. Walsh had arranged for a sound engineer to come to school and record every year group singing.  This will be made into a CD!



Corpus Christi Day

On 24th May we celebrated Corpus Christi Day.  The day began with a beautiful Mass, led by Fr Claro, who reminded the children that Corpus Christi meant Body of Christ.   Later, children in every year group took part in art projects focused around the Corpus Christi theme. Then, in the afternoon, the children and staff all enjoyed an ice-cream!

Royal Wedding 

As a prequel to the Royal Wedding the children celebrated with a tea party.  All the year groups met together in the playground and ate cucumber sandwiches and biscuits.

Ascension Mass

On Thursday 10th May, the whole school attended an Ascension Mass which was led by our Year 3/4 children.

Marian Day

This week the children bought in lots of flowers and, during Liturgy, laid them at the feet out Our Lady. Later they were distributed to local residential homes. Here are some photos of the day:

Holy Week

This week the children are learning about the events that happened in the week leading up to Jesus' crucifiction and resurection. 

Our first Liturgy this week was about Palm Sunday and was led by Year R

Then on Tuesday Year 1/2 led a Liturgy about the Washing of the Feet and told us how Jesus had washed the feet of His disciples

On Wednesday it was the turn of Year 3/4 who showed us Jesus'Last Supper and arrest.

On Thursday the Year 5/6 children took us through all 14 Stations of the Cross in a very moving culmination to our school Holy Week. Reflecting on these events can you name each Station? (They are not in the right order!)

World Book Day

At the beginning of March our children and staff celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as a character from their favourite book.  We have seen Gangsta Granny, Willy Wonka, Hetty Feather and the Billionaire Boy to name but a few!

Teach Portsmouth Week (19th-23rd February 2018)

This week, Corpus Christi is taking part in the city wide event, Teach Portsmouth Week. Volunteering pupils have been given the opportunity to plan, resource and deliver; a Whole School Liturgy, maths lessons, Hymn Practice and our Celebration Assembly

The focus of this week is to empower pupils to take a lead in their learning as well as developing their Corpus Christi Characteristics; confidence, collaboration, challenge, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. Please look below and enjoy many photos from the week and read the views of the pupils!


The celebration assembly was led by Hayden, Joseph, Maddie and Adrian


The children did a fantastic job of leading hymn practice for the whole school.  They had worked hard with Mrs Biddlecombe to plan and prepare their teaching and, as you can see, the children absolutely loved joining in with our action hymns!  Well done t Henry, Katie, Dorrian, Christa and Daisy.

WHOLE SCHOOL LITURGY - worship led by Zachary V, Fiona R, and Christa N with Marcus H leading the multimedia support.

What the children had to say:-

I would like to do it again as it was an amazing and memorable experience. Christa N

At first I felt worried as I was a bit unorganised but when everyone came in I felt a lot more confident. Fiona R

Planning was definitely the hardest bit! Zachary V 


Today the children became the teachers! We spent half an hour with Mrs Packer's class helping them learn their two times tables and much fun was had by all. I was so impressed with the children who led the session’s commitment. They really thought about the activities they wanted to share and gave up their own time to make sure both the activities and planning were perfect. They planned a range of exciting activities for the children: a warm up song, a challenge sheet, a matching game and a final song. Every child was involved in some way and I think it is safe to say that both year 5/6 and year 1/2 really enjoyed the experience - Miss Wright 

What the children had to say:-

 It was so much fun but also a lot harder than you think. You have to think of so many different things all at once and be ready for anything to happen.  Emily 5/6

We taught the year 1 and 2's the two times table. We warmed their brains up with a fun song, spoke about the word multiple, played a fun matching gaming that we made ourselves and then finished with another song. We were so impressed that some of the children recognised that all multiples of the two times tables are even numbers! Cheska  5/6

They were so lovely to work with and they listened really hard. It made me really think about what it is like for Miss Wright teaching us lot! My partner found it hard to listen and it made me think about my own behaviour in class. Woody 5/6

My favourite part was the end result and seeing that they had enjoyed our lesson and learnt something new. It was frustrating when they didn't understand our instructions so we had to stop the class to explain in a better way.  Harry 5/6

Even though I wasn't leading the lesson I worked supporting the children. This was just as important as I guided them through their work and helped them out when they went wrong. Lenny 5/6

What was funny is that my partner rushed to get everything done and this is what I do! I realise that you have better work when you take your time and Miss Wright is always telling me this! Maddie 5/6


CAFOD Visit (7th February 2018)

On Wednesday we had a visit from Maureen Thompson, a representative of CAFOD.  She talked about ways we, as a school, could help a family from Zimbabwe during Lent by giving up something  and donating the money to CAFOD to support this appeal

Homelessness day (5th February 2018)

Our global awareness day on Monday focused on homelessness.  Children thought about what it meant to be homeless, challenged stereotypes, said prayers and linked ideas to our mission statement. 

Year 5/6 read statements about homelessness and decided if they were tru or false, for example, 44% of homeless people have a job, the number of homeless people has doubled since 2010 and 90% of homeless people are men. They were shocked to find out they were all true and it prompted a lot of discussions.

Year 1/2 have been making shelters for the homeless, using pipe cleaners and art straws.   This linked in with their current maths topic of 3D shapes.