The whole school have been busy this week learning about what bullying is and how we can do our part to challenge unkind behaviour in our lives.

Year 1/2

Year 1/2 designed odd socks and took part in circle time sharing what we love about each other. We linked our thinking to the fact that we are all different, all unique and all made in the image and likeness of God. We focused on what friendly and unfriendly behaviour looks like and as groups, sorted images discussing what we could see. We related our learning to how we treat others and what to do if someone is unkind to us.


Year 3/4

Year 3/4 have been thinking about how we are all special and unique.  We discussed what bulling is and how we can be a positive change to combat it. We have also thought about how everyone is different but we all want to be treated with respect and kindness.  We have explored how saying nice things about someone makes them feel good about themselves through compliment circles and class discussions. 

The whole school joined together on the Friday to wear odd socks - again to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity that our school is blessed with!




Yesterday a group of children went to LIDL to buy some food, biscuits and treats to donate to the Portsmouth Food Bank to bring up Christmas cheer for families in need this coming holiday. This was purchased with the money we raised on Brighten Up Day before half term. Whilst we were there, we met a real-life 'good Samaritan' who gave us a £10 voucher so we were able to buy even more things to donate.

In the afternoon a different group delivered the food to the food bank at North end Baptist Church. We learnt that people can go there and get food to last them for 3 days. We visited the manager's office and saw where all the food was kept, ready to give out. It was really good and made us feel happy to be helping others that aren't as lucky as we are.

By Flynn and Niamh (St John Class)


Sunday 10th November 2019

A small group of pupils and their families joined Mrs Comerford and Mrs Tye this weekend to pay their respects to those that have fought in wars. They were proud to represent Corpus Christi School by laying wreath. We will share in prayers of remembrance this week as we remember those that have made sacrifices for our freedom.

Year 4 Residential to Stubbington Study Centre.

Year 4s had an amazing 3 days during their stay at the centre! A big thank you to Mrs Jones, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs O'Doherty for accompanying the children - without our fantastic staff these trips would not be possible!

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Nancy and Noah from St Bernadette class would like to tell you all about their favourite parts of the trip:


'It was really cool to watch the wildlife photography show with Dennis. I really liked it when we spent time in the hide trying to see foxes and badgers. We set some animal hotels and caught mice to study! Food was quite good - especially the biscuits at supper when we had to do quizzes. I missed my bed but I would definitely go again!'


'I liked getting stamped when we playing Stubbington Fox in the conservation areas... Trying to be like foxes and survive from the nasty farmers (our teachers!). I loved pond dipping because my partner and I caught a pregnant stickleback fish - it was so amazing! Sleeping in the dormitories was really fun, chatting with our friends until we were too tired and falling asleep! The shop was great too - I loved being able to buy whatever I wanted. My best moments were in the hide when we got to see the badgers and foxes - I will never for get it!'

Year 1/2 End of Year Music Performance

Year 1/2 have had an amazing year in their music lessons and our performance for the parents at the end of this year was no exception.