Year 4 Residential to Stubbington Study Centre.

Year 4s had an amazing 3 days during their stay at the centre! A big thank you to Mrs Jones, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs O'Doherty for accompanying the children - without our fantastic staff these trips would not be possible!

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Nancy and Noah from St Bernadette class would like to tell you all about their favourite parts of the trip:


'It was really cool to watch the wildlife photography show with Dennis. I really liked it when we spent time in the hide trying to see foxes and badgers. We set some animal hotels and caught mice to study! Food was quite good - especially the biscuits at supper when we had to do quizzes. I missed my bed but I would definitely go again!'


'I liked getting stamped when we playing Stubbington Fox in the conservation areas... Trying to be like foxes and survive from the nasty farmers (our teachers!). I loved pond dipping because my partner and I caught a pregnant stickleback fish - it was so amazing! Sleeping in the dormitories was really fun, chatting with our friends until we were too tired and falling asleep! The shop was great too - I loved being able to buy whatever I wanted. My best moments were in the hide when we got to see the badgers and foxes - I will never for get it!'

Year 1/2 End of Year Music Performance

Year 1/2 have had an amazing year in their music lessons and our performance for the parents at the end of this year was no exception.

Matilda Trip

On Thursday 4th of July, Year 6 went to see Matilda the musical at Mayflower Theatre. They caught the train and had a picnic in Victoria park, they all had a great time!

Hampshire Games 2019

Across Year 5/6 our pupils had been selected to open the Hampshire Games 2019 Events, below is a video of our children's performance.


Corpus Christi Day

Friday the 21st of June was Corpus Christi Day. Lots of events were held during the day, please see photographs of the different activities.

We began with a procession lead by father Claro around the school and into the church. Our good sheppards this week were chosen by their classmates. In his homily, Fr Claro complimented the children on their behaviour during the procession and their respect for the blessed sacrement.

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After Mass there were various events during the day, culminating in a visit from the icecream van! In the afternoon, we all broke bread together.

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We would like to thank all of our parents for their kind donations of plants and bread. We also took some of our Year 3/4 pupils to the Naomi House Charity Shop to put in some donations.

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Each class made paper chains which were joined together to make one huge chain that went right around the school!

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In the afternoon our reception and Year 1/2 children made our school look beautiful by planting flowers.

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During mass the children from Year R sang "One Family"



'We Knew Something Was Happening'

Today our children were part of what was a 'top secret' event. Our choir were invited by Portsmouth City Council to begin the re-enactment march of soldiers through the city - just as it happened in 1944. Our children sang two songs from the wartime-era to guide and support the soldier as they started what was to be a long, difficult and history-shaping journey. 

The children and teachers involved felt honoured and moved to be part of such an important event and it is hoped that this is a memory that will stay with them for a long time. We give our prayers to those that fought and continue to fight to protect our country and make sure our children and their children may continue to live in freedom. Thank you.

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Book and Bagel

Today we launched our Book and Bagel breakfast initiative. As part of the National Schools Breakfast Programme (funded by the government sugar tax) each child is offered a daily bagel portion to enjoy while sharing books and stories with their class. It was wonderful to be able to include our parents this morning. A big thank you to our growing team of volunteers that help to prepare the bagels before school which includes both parents and some of our year 6 pupils.

Easter Mass

The school came together to celebrate Easter.

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Lenten Journey

The children took part in our Lenten journey where they shared their knowledge of the different symbols of Holy Week. This was followed by making a paper cross and offering prayers.

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Holy Week

This week's liturgies have focused on Holy Week, Year R showed us Palm Sunday, Year 1/2 the Washing of the Feet and Year 3/4 Showed us the last supper and Year 5/6 presented the Stations of the Cross.

Holy Week -Stations of the Cross 

Red Nose Day

On Friday 15th March the children were allowed to wear a red accessory to school.  We saw lots of  red socks, shoes, hair bands, ribbons, ties and noses.  All monies donated will go to Comic Relief and CAFOD.


World Book Day

Today we celebrated our Mad Hatter's Storytelling Day! Our children showcased their creativity and wore a wide variety of hats and joined in with many activities across the day. We held nursery rhyme and riddle workshops, our teachers led story telling stations and all children visited our Mad Hatter's Tea Party! It was wonderful to share our love of books and promote reading for pleasure with all of our pupils.

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Ash Wednesday Mass

On the 6th of March we celebrated Ash Wednesday in church.  Everyone had a blessing and a cross of ash on their foreheads.  Fr Claro told us all about the church's Lent initiative to try to help the environment by cycling or walking instead of driving the car, recycling, not buying anything new like clothes during Lent, giving up meat and giving up electricity for an hour a day.

Epiphany Mass

On Tuesday 8th January we held our first mass of the year led by Fr. Claro. We were pleased that so many parents and parishioners were able to join us for this event.

Corpus Christi Music Performances

Thursday the 13th of December all the years from our school put on performances to showcase their musical skills and singing talents, below is a selection of pictures from this event aswell as a video too.

Grandparents Tea Party

Children and staff enjoyed  festive fun whilst they dined . They enjoyed a morning of making hats for the occasion and wore Christmas jumpers. The staff served the children with their Christmas luncheon and fun was had by all!