Year 1 & 2

Post Office Visit

In January our Year 1/2 children linked with a school in New Zealand.  We hope to find out what school is like there and have written to them to tell them all about our school.  Some of our children went to the Post Office to post our letters.

Writing Stories

In year 1/2 we have been reading a book called the 'Treasure of Pirate Frank', the children have listened to the style that the author used and have re-created their own story using different characters. See below a video of a child reading one of these stories.


Pirates' day

On Friday the 7th of September we kick-started our pirate theme with a pirates day, all the children and staff dressed as pirates, we learnt how to talk like a pirate and sing sea shanties.

Southsea sea front

As part of our topic; At the Seaside, we visited Southsea seafront. We explored the local area focussing on leisure and tourism, transport, food and drink, and accommodation.

We also visited the local museum, Cumberland House. To link with our Science topic; Animal including humans, we explored the natural history exhibitions.​

Circus workshop

Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to have been visited by Top Banana Circus recently, here are some of the photos we took from the event.

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Mary's Prayer

On Tuesday 1st May, year 1 and 2 learnt about Mary, our Mother in Heaven, as part of our Marian Day. We had a whole school liturgy in church led by Miss Kelly and then, when back in class, we learnt about Mary's ascension into Heaven. We learnt Mary's prayer with actions and would like to share this with you, please watch the videos below.

Science Investigation

As part of our science unit; Animals including humans, year 1 and 2 have been investigating the effect exercise has on our body and on our heart. We took our learning outdoors, got ourselves active and recorded our results in simple tables


Year 1/2 Dance

For the last few weeks the three Year 1/2 classes have been lucky enough to study dance with Ronnie from Dance Africa.   The focus was the rainforest and the people and animals that inhabit it.   At the end of the half term the children were able to show parents what they had been learning.


Music Performance

Year 1 and 2 performed for us on Thursday the 22nd of March, here are some of the photos we took.

3D Shapes

Here are some pictures of year 2 constructing 3D shapes to show they understand the properties: edges, vertices and faces
We have started our English learning with the book "Where the Wild Things Are." The children have absolutely adored immersing themselves in the text. They were amazing at following simple instructions to create their own masks.

In the autumn term, the children learnt about ‘Food and Nutrition’.  The main focus was on preparing food safely and hygienically. 

The children in KS1 had lots of fun learning how to wash their hands effectively, with the use of a silly song.

As well as teaching key skills, each year group’s Food and Nutrition topic has been closely linked with their main topic for the term:

In Year 1/2, they explored what kind of food would be eaten in space.  They tasted some pre-packaged ‘space food’ and watched clips showing what happens to food when there is no gravity.  The children noticed that the astronauts didn’t eat much fresh fruit, so they were given a challenge to deign a way of eating fruit in space.  The children decided to make fruit kebabs and fruit smoothies to stop the fruit from floating away.  They prepared the fruit by washing it and then chopping it carefully, using a knife.  

At the beginning of the year, Year 1/2 began by recapping their knowledge of paint and colour mixing.   The identified the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and explored how to mix them to create the secondary colours (orange, purple and green).  Once the children were secure, they moved on to learning about how to create tints and shades.  The children then explored the work of illustrator Ben Cort, which featured in their English key text: ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.   In pairs, they created their own alien paintings, applying their colour mixing skills.


During science year 1 & 2 have been learning about materials. We have been exploring their properties and how some materials can be changed. In a recent science lesson we investigated what things can be changed with heat. We predicted what would happen to chocolate, ice, wax and bread when they got hot. After we had made our predictions we worked together to carry out the experiment.
In art this term year 1 & 2 have been working on their 'Colourful Creatures' topic, based on Ben Cort's illustrations from the picture book: 'Aliens Love Underpants'. Throughout this topic, the main focus has been colour mixing.  The children have had lots of fun using Playdough, coloured acetate and paint bags to explore which primary colours can be mixed to make the secondary colours (orange, purple and green). They have also been exploring how to make a colour lighter (tint) or darker (shade).  At the end of the topic, the children will use their colour mixing skills to create their own alien illustrations.

Our children adored our time at the Novium Museum in Chichester. we got to explore the Tim Peake workshop , learning lots of new facts about him and his life as an astronaut. The children took part in a range of activities such as learning how Tim Peake coped with the lack of gravity in space using a hairdryer, ping pong ball and net! They were even able to dress up in their very own space costume!