Year 3 & 4

Remembrance Day Display

On the 9th of November we took part in a minute of silence to remember those who fought in the war.

St Bernadette Class in year 3/4 planned and organised their own class liturgy this week with a focus of remembrance day. The children led a very reflective worship and children and adults that shared in this were invited to wirte and share a prayer for peace.





Water Sports Centre

Earlier this week, the children went to a watersports centre where they took part in a wide range of exciting activities. The children had great fun participating in archery, problem solving, rock climbing and orienteering. 

Holi Festival

In May, Mr Akshat visited year 3/4 children to celebrate 'Holi'  festival as part of their RE lesson through stories and colours.

Block Printing

This term Year 3/4 are learning about the process of block printing.  They have experimented with pre-made blocks and their next step will be looking at the work of different designers and Chinese artefacts and using this to design and make their own block print.

In the autumn term, the children learnt about ‘Food and Nutrition’. 


The main focus was on preparing food safely and hygienically.  The children evaluated the effectiveness of their hand washing skills by using a special disclosure cream that was visible under UV light.  After identifying the areas where dirt gathers and discussing how germs can transfer, the children were able to modify their hand washing technique to ensure that every part of their hands were clean.

The Tudors

The children learnt about the Tudor diet and the seasonality of vegetables.  They were given a challenge to create a meal for a poor farming family during the winter.  After research, they found out that many poor Tudors ate a dish called ‘pottage’ for most meals and mostly ate root vegetables.  The children used modern seasonality charts to look up vegetables that are available in the winter months and used this information to design their dish. The children then learnt how to prepare and cook the vegetables safely.  

To begin their painting project, Year 3/4 were introduced to the work of Hans Holbein, a great portrait painter of the Tudor period, who painted Henry VIII.   The children were challenged to paint their own self portrait as a Tudor royal.  The children used their sketchbooks to practise drawing features, such as the eyes, nose and mouth.  They divided the face up to help them draw a face in proportion; noting the position of the eyes, nose and mouth in relation to each other. They then used their knowledge of colour mixing from KS1 to experiment with mixing their own skin tone.   The children did a fantastic job at painting their own portraits and made a massive improvements in comparison with portraits they painted at the very beginning of September. 


On 10th Tuesday October, the 3/4 children led a meaningful liturgy about Mary. They read and acted out the story of Annunciation (Luke 1:26 – 38).  The children reflected on the qualities of Mary and why she is an important figure in the Catholic Church. The parents were invited to offer flowers to Mary as sign of praise and adoration.