Year 3 & 4

Weaving Club

Some year 3/4 children recently took part in a weaving club with Mrs Watson after school. They really enjoyed developing their new skills and were able to create some really bright and colourful pieces!

Year 3/4 Dance
Year 3/4 have been having dance lesson with Miss Ronnie this half term. They have been exploring the movement of volcanoes. They have been focusing on creating levels with their bodies. They have been busy making a motif which is a part of the dance that will repeat itself throughout. They have also been learning about balance and unison and creating these with their bodies.
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Year 3/4 Visit to Butser Ancient Farm
On 4th March we went to Butser Ancient Farm. After arriving by coach our first job was to be archaeologists. We got to dig in the ground and we discovered many amazing Saxon artefacts such as bone, a wheel and a nail! We discussed the types of materials the Saxons were able to use. We loved this activity a it was like digging for treasure!
Following this we used some sheep wool and learned how to spin it. It didn't have any colour yet as it was still natural from the sheep. We made some bracelets from this. Some of the sheep we saw at the farm were only lambs - one was only a few hours old!
Later in the day we learnt about runes and how our name might look if written in runes. We all had a go at sewing our initial rune - it was quite complicated but fun! We also had a go at building fences, just like the Saxons would have done. It was great for improving our teamwork skills as it was really important to work together!
By Matilda and Enrico (St James class)


Remembrance Day Display

On the 9th of November we took part in a minute of silence to remember those who fought in the war.

St Bernadette Class in year 3/4 planned and organised their own class liturgy this week with a focus of remembrance day. The children led a very reflective worship and children and adults that shared in this were invited to wirte and share a prayer for peace.