Year 5 & 6


In May, the Year 5 children read some poetry taking into consideration how it should be presented using expression, performance, rhythm, percussion and intonation. Then they had to evaluate their performances, here is some of their work.




STEM Week Project

Year 5 and 6 built a moving car using wood which we measured and cut with hacksaws, batteries, wires, a motor and pulleys.

Peter Bunzl visit

An author, Peter Bunzel, came to visit us and talked about the inspiration for his books, it was really exciting and we got to ask him lots of questions.

Literacy quiz

On the 14th February, 8 children from Year 5 and 6 attended the annual Portsmouth Literacy Quiz, along with many other schools. Throughout the morning, they were tested on their knowledge of 4 authors and their books as well as general knowledge of books. They were split into two teams and every child had the pleasure of meeting the authors, having books signed and speaking to them. The children did brilliantly throughout the quiz and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Guess My Job

This morning, Monday 6th February, Year 5 and 6 took part in "Guess My Job."

Four visitors came and we had to ask questions to determine their job and find out more about what their employment involves. We had a satellite engineer, a barrister, a construction manager and somebody from BAE systems. It was extremely interesting! 

University of Portsmouth Visit

At the end on November the University of Portsmouth delivered a workshop to our Year 5 children.  Some pictures of the visit are below.

Kingswood Activity Centre visit

In year 6 we were lucky enough to go on a trip for an entire week to Kingswood on the Isle of Wight. Below is a PowerPoint of all the photos that we took when we were away having such a wonderful time!

Year 6 Kingswood powerpoint

Year 6 Kingswood powerpoint Part 2

Tennis Coaching

On Friday 21st September, Year 5/6 were trained by a tennis coach  who came in to school to develop their tennis skills.

Water sports centre visit

Year 5 children took part in stand up paddle-boarding, kyaking and sailing. We all ended up swimming in the sea cooling off in the hot weather. Year 6 children took part in a range of adventurous activities: rock climbing, kart building, problem solving and orienteering.

University of Portsmouth Visit

On Monday our Year 6 children spent an entire day at The University of Portsmouth for a ‘Mini-University Experience’. The day involved taking part in a mini-lecture based around an academic subject, a tour of the University, where the children got to see a selection of the University’s first-class facilities; and a whole-class graduation ceremony, where the children wore real gowns and mortar board hats and received their own graduation certificate.

Corpus Christi Day Art Projects

On 24th May the whole school celebrated Corpus Christi Day. Here are some of the Yr 5/6 children working on their projects.

Greek Workshop

On 22nd May Year 5/6 participated in a greek workshop, here is what one of the pupils had to say: "We started the day with an amazing play and learnt about mining. After lunch we made Greek plays in groups and had lots of fun!"

Longleat Zookeeper Visit

Last Friday the Year 5 and 6 children were given a talk by Georgina, a zookeeper from Longleat, about animals and the carnivores she works with. A range of information, photos and videos was shown to the children and they also got to see a replica lion's skull.


This term Year 5/6 have been experimenting with different paint media such as acrylic, watercolour, powder paint and poster paint.

In the autumn term, the children learnt about ‘Food and Nutrition’ and this was closely linked to their topic of World War II and rationing.

The children researched which foods were rationed during WWII and began to think about where some of the foods came from.  From their research, they discovered that many rationed foods were substituted with unlikely alternatives, such as mashed potatoes.  During the topic, the children learnt how to prepare mashed potato and taste tested products that used mashed potatoes instead of fat, such as potato scones.

For Art in the autumn Year 5/6 focused on their drawing skills.  They explored the work of a local war artist, Edward King, who painted the devastation of the Blitz in Portsmouth.  The children focused on King’s use of single point perspective and practised using this technique in their sketchbooks to recreate old war time photos of Portsmouth.  They then moved on to explore the work of Henry Moore, who used charcoal to draw people sheltering from the Blitz in the London Underground.  The children enjoyed experimenting with this new medium; applying their knowledge of smudging and tone to their drawings of the Blitzed streets.

Children made periscopes in science to investigate how light travels in straight lines, here are some photos of the products they made.

Year 5 children were visited by the university of Portsmouth. Throughout the afternoon session, children participated in a range of activities to find out more about what university is, why people go and what subjects students study there.



This term Year 5/6 have been experimenting with different paint media such as acrylic, watercolour, powder paint and poster paint.