Zero Heroes

To support CAFOD in their climate change campaign, Corpus Christi have introduced a 'Zero Hero' team. This team is made up of passionate pupils determined to make a difference in the world and protect God's creation.

To be a Zero Hero

Our 2019-2020 Zero Heroes are:

Charlie M, Maria K (Yr3.4), Ivy S, Niamh H, Connie A, Lena M, Tom D, Owen O, Chad P, Tamya N, Kasia P, Esme Q, Kornel L, Millie W, Maria K (Yr5.6), Tsion M, Chris E, Ava AV


Meetings: Fridays 2.30pm


15th Nov
29th Nov
13th Dec

Our focus this half term is:

  • Crisp packet recycling scheme
  • Creating eco bricks
  • Maintaining tidy and clean school grounds